Best Christmas Casino Parties to Have Fun This Year

Christmas Casino Party Ideas To CelebrateOften, the value of parties is misunderstood, misjudged, or even not paid attention to for various reasons, but not that of Christmas. Christmas is considered the golden child of annual holidays, and it cuts across so many cultures and religious beliefs that it can almost be considered a way of life as each year comes to a close. No matter how blurry the reason for the holiday gets as the years go by, Christmas remains a cornerstone for celebration each year, and this year, you can indulge in casino Christmas parties all over the UK.

In December 2020, purpose to do more than deck the halls with boughs of holly by attending a casino Christmas party in London and other regions in the UK. These parties serve the same merry that comes with the jolly season, but with the added notch of gambling fun. The United Kingdom has over the past years become an ideal destination for people looking to have such fun, and this piece explains why this form of casino Christmas parties are quickly replacing conventional festive bash options for gambling enthusiasts.

Benefits of Casino Christmas Parties

The excuse offered by Christmas to get wild and have fun in December 2020 can lead you right to a casino event, and for all the right reasons. Such parties come with their own magical charm that places them on a pedestal, which can even give you a well-earned break from the past months of the year. Casino Christmas parties offer enticing reasons as to why they are a great excuse to let loose and have fun, including:


  • Fine dining: Unless you live like the well-off percentage of the UK population, fine dining does not come by every day. The Christmas holiday holds several traditions close to its heart, and one of them is good food. If you are yearning to dine like royalty this year, a casino Christmas party should be among your prime considerations. Most gambling dens offer three-course meals that include starters like soups, main courses filled with meats and veggies, and finally desserts to quiet down that sweet tooth.
  • Bonuses and promotions: The culture of bonus provision is sewn into the fabric of the gambling business to charm clients, and the same tactic is used to draw attention to casino Christmas parties. During the holidays, gambling houses drive up their provision of bonus tokens with offers like 400% first deposit bonus rewards that can be used to play in free slot games. These incentives come in other shapes and sizes that can be enjoyed on top of the fiesta offered on the ground.
  • Affordable packages: A lot of casino Christmas parties are organised with different spending capabilities in mind. Therefore, you can explore a range of packages that are offered at different prices and services to suit what you are looking for this year. Some casual offers can start as low as £13 while those that provide luxury can go as high as £300.
  • Avoid party planning: As much as being the host of the grandest party of the year can be fun, there is no denying that planning a Christmas party can chew on your nerves. Opting for a casino Christmas party instead saves you the trouble of organising the event yourself while not mincing on the fun that comes with the holidays.
  • Fresh experience: Most Christmas traditions are like annual clockwork – buy presents, decorate the house, drown in eggnog or wine, wear that ugly sweater from your grandmother, and sing some carols. As fun as the nostalgia of these traditions is, casino Christmas parties set the scene for a more upbeat celebration this year that is sure to leave you with plenty of fun memories for the coming one.

Best Cities to Celebrate Christmas Nights in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to the second biggest gambling industries in the world, which makes it the ideal place to look of casino Christmas parties. Nearly every city in the UK has a perfect spot to get down with some wild holiday fun, and some of the best parties are located in:


London is not only the capital city of Britain but also the gambling capital of the UK. This major metropolis is set to host a range of casino Christmas parties this year, including The Rembrandt Hotel Casino Royale party. You are invited to wine and dine in a setting reminiscent of the famous James Bond film Casino Royale for £89 or £99 depending on the selected date. The Casino Christmas party London evening will kick off with a glass of Prosecco, which will be followed by unlimited drinks for four and a half hours. You can expect to be wowed with a three-course meal fit for a king as you play some table games like roulette and blackjack. The Gold Coast can also serve as an ideal destination for a casino party.


If you reside in Northampton, then Aspers Casino has something special planned for you and warrants you and your friends to pull out your fancy dresses. This casino Christmas party is crafted to adapt the traditional features of the holiday that makes it a joyous event into the casino gambling experience. For £49.95 per person, you get to enjoy a party night package that is highlighted with a three-course meal and tons of gambling entertainment.


Alea Glasgow Restaurant and Casino sets the stage this festive season for a stunning event that offers both entertainment and luxurious food experience. You can choose from two packages:

  • The first one is the Cabaret Christmas Parties package that costs £45 per person. The offer comes with access to a private bar, entertainment from a live singer, and a three-course meal. 
  • The second package in the Alea Casino Christmas party, which is the DJ Festive Parties, offers a more casual celebration that costs £25 per person. Players are treated to DJ music that can be enjoyed on an LED-lit dance floor along with a hot and cold buffet.


Rainbow Casino is the place to be for a grand Christmas party theme experience if you happen to be in Bristol during the holidays. The Christmas adventure packages began on 18th of November and are set to be available until 19th of January, which is well into the new year. The package prices start at £23.95, and they incorporate festive entertainment, food, and gambling.


Grosvenor Casino is offering Christmas parties in all its branches across the UK, and the one in Reading is no exception. If you intend to make the Grosvenor Casino Christmas party your holiday destination this year, send an enquiry to the club’s client care team to get info on the venue’s availability, price, and gambling entertainment.


Portsmouth is one of the many areas that have the luxury of enjoying a Grosvenor Casino Christmas party as well. Depending on the selected date to enjoy a Christmas lunch or dinner, the package cost can start from as little as £25. On the D-Day itself, Christmas dinner will cost from £95 per person.


Fizzbox presents the residents of Edinburg with an ideal way to spend their holiday nights for £40 per person. You’ll be greeted upon arrival with a soft drink that will be followed by a filling three-course meal. The ticket also warrantees you half a bottle of wine or two beers. Fun money is provided to gamble in any of the games on the casino floor as the DJ and disco entertainment run until 1.00 am.


Rainbow offers a similar experience like the one in Bristol in Cardiff, which will be running until the 19th of January. The price tag for a ticket starts at £23.95 depending on the selected package, all of which are dotted with a lot of casino fun and appropriate holiday meals.


Alea Casino and Restaurant runs a branch in Nottingham as well where you can enjoy the festivities in style in the den’s luxurious event suite. The various packages offered cost between £40 and £55 pending on the dates and the inclusion of the New Year’s Even set menu.


Enjoy this festive season with Napoleons for as little as £17 per person and make the holiday one to remember. The casino offers the standard three-course meal for lunch and dinner, and plenty of entertainment to accompany.

Enjoy Free Spins During the Holidays

As you ponder on which Christmas casino party to take your festivities to this December in the UK, indulge in a range of free spin bonuses that from our website, Onlinecasinopolis. These bonus features can be claimed and enjoyed well into 2020 as you usher in the new year. In the meantime, may Santa and the Christmas party in casino destinations bring you gifts of merry and fun as you don your nice apparel.