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Tens or Better

The Tens or Better is the online video pokie made by the look of the famous “Jacks or Better” casino machine. This is just the easy version of it. It’s not the classic casino machine with reels and wheel spinning. This is more for the poker fans kind of a game.

Slot Details:

Developers: Amaya
Reels: 4
Paylines: 10
Minimum Bet: 0.10
Maximum Bet: 50.00
Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus Features:

Wild Symbol no
Scatter Symbol no
Multiplier no
Free Spins no
Re-Spins no
Bonus Rounds no

Prepare Your Table

Before a gamer starts to play, he/she should adjust the playing options in the bottom main menu. This is a simple looking table with few basic functions. Hands can be set from 1 to 100. Bets can be modified by clicking on the left and right arrows. The wager can be set automatically to the maximum value by pressing the “BET MAX” button. When all in-game parameters are set, a game can be started by clicking the “DEAL” mark.

Hold the Cards/Basic Rules

This online video slot is working by the simple poker principle. After each turn, a gamer will get five cards displayed in the center of a playing screen. After that, a winning combination needs to be made. That can be done by gathering win combos:

  • Tens or Better (every pair higher that 10)
  • 2 pair ( 2 pairs higher that 10) 
  • 3 of a kind ( every 3 same cards)
  • Straight ( combination with 5 in a row)
  • Flush ( 5 cards with the same suit)
  • Full House ( AAJJJ, KKAAA, etc.)
  • 4 of a kind ( 4 same cards)
  • Straight Flush ( 5 cards in a row but with the same suit)
  • Royal Flush ( from 10 to A with the same suit)

A bettor will get five new cards each turn, and some cards will be automatically held. The rest can be selected manually. If a gamer presses the hold button for just one card, all others will be switched. This way a gambler can increase the winning chances. Auto hold option can be switched on or off at any time.

Double Up Feature

This online pokie possesses a gambling feature called the “Double Up”. When a player gets a winning round, he/she can enter the gambling room. After that, a gambler needs to select one of the four offered signs or the color of a next coming card. For guessing the right color, money will be doubled, and if a gamer gets the right suit, cash will be quadrupled. This process can be repeated until a player is satisfied with his reward or until his/her pick is wrong.

How to Improve Your Game?

The RTP for this online casino machine is 99.14%. This is a low volatility pokie suitable for all kind of bettors, with deep pockets and with a humble playing budget. To enhance the odds a gambler can increase the number of hands which will dramatically multiply the possible scoring combinations. The biggest payout can be gained if a Royal Flush is collected. This will grant to a player 250 coin reward for a single round. The best way to win is to hold the cards wisely with the stakes set to the maximum value.