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Oasis Poker

Poker game has many variations, but “5 card draw” is probably the most commonly known one. It is a comparing game, in which the dealer and the player both try to form a combination of a legal hand higher than the opponent. The basic card hierarchy still applies, but some extra rules and features were added to gain interest. This is exactly the case for Oasis Poker by NetEnt; it is still a 5 card draw game at heart, but with the difference that discarding cards require placing an extra wager.

The game has a modern and clear interface. It consists of a static image of a table, but the choice of colors and visual aids make it more attractive. Even if you know nothing about 5 card draw poker, you can still play the game and understand the rules in minutes. The slot can be played on your mobile devices if they support the Flash platform. It is possible to play for free (comes with a complementary balance of 5.000 coins) or for real money. Just click the “play now” button and try yourself in an online casino.

Slot Details:

Developers: Amaya
Reels: 4
Paylines: 10
Minimum Bet: 0.10
Maximum Bet: 50.00
Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus Features:

Wild Symbol no
Scatter Symbol no
Multiplier no
Free Spins no
Re-Spins no
Bonus Rounds no

Rules of 5 Card Draw Poker

That’s the basic variant of poker, also known as Oasis “video poker.” A round starts with each player being dealt 5 cards, all face down. Placing an entry (ante) bet is required beforehand. After the first initial dealing, players can forfeit the round (fold) and lose only the ante bet. If they decide to continue, each player has 2 options:

  • Draw: Players can discard all of the cards in their hands and ask for new ones. This is the most important phase – deciding how many cards to discard determines your strategy. You can discard one, two, three, four or all of he cards as we mentioned; it is up to you.
  • Call: Calling means you are confident of your hand, want to continue but won’t discard any of your cards.

Drawing is possible only once, and whether you call or draw, the “raising” phase begins afterward. Each player can raise the total bet on the table. You can still fold at this point, but forfeiting means losing all of your wagers at the table. When everybody calls (or reach the maximum bet limit), the comparing phase starts. According to the card hierarchy, the player with the highest hand wins. The hierarchy is like this:





5 of a Kind

Five cards of the same rank


Straight Flush

Five of the sequential rank, same suit


4 of a Kind

Four of the same rank


Full House

Three of one and two of another rank



Five of the same suit



Five of the sequential rank, different suit


3 of a Kind

Three of the same rank


2 Pair

Two of the same rank


1 Pair

One of the same rank


High Card

Five cards, different suit, non-sequential rank

Oasis Poker Vs. 5 Card Draw Poker

The first one brings some new additions. These are:

  •  It’s played against the dealer, not the other players.
  • Drawing requires placing an extra wager. For each card you draw, you must place another bet equal to your entry bet.
  •  If the dealer and the player have the same combination, the player wins.
  • One of the dealer’s cards is face-up.
  • After the first drawing, it is not possible to raise the total bet. You are forced to call.

How to Play IGT’s Oasis Poker Game?

Let’s take a look at the 3 circles which are located at the bottom of the table: draw cost, ante, and call. Ante circle is to place your entry wager to the game. To place it, click one of the chips located at the bottom right side. After that, click the ante circle. It is possible to click more than once to increase the total wager. This will be your original entry bet.

Click the “deal” button to start. Both sides will get 5 cards. One card of the dealer is visible; the others are face-down. At this point, you can fold and lose the ante bet or continue. If you decide to continue, you must select cards to discard or call. (Calling will end the round and cards will get compared.) Selecting cards to discard is done simply by clicking on them. You get new cards in exchange for the discarded ones.

For each card you discard, you place another wager automatically onto the “draw cost” circle. This is mandatory and a specific feature of the game. Don’t worry, if you win, you will get all of your bets back. After the first dealing, you can either call or fold.

Both options will end the round. If you choose to call, hands will get compared, and the highest one wins the round. You can start a new round by clicking “rebet” or “new bet” buttons. Rebet option uses the same wager from the previous round; new bet starts a fresh one.

Compressed Paytables & Betting Ranges

The paytable of Oasis Poker is like this:

Poker Hand


Royal Flush

100 : 1

Straight Flush

50 : 1

4 of a Kind

20 : 1

Full House

7 : 1


5 : 1


4 : 1

3 of a Kind

3 : 1

2 Pair

2 : 1

All other hands

1 : 1

There are only 3 chips available to represent your wager: 1, 5, and 10. As we mentioned above, you can click more than once to increase the bet. You need 1.00 coin minimum to start; the maximum bet can be 40.00 coins only. For this reason, free or real money Oasis Poker is a standard low-roller table game suited mostly for casuals.