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Bonus Deluxe

Bonus deluxe poker by Betsoft is basically a variant of the family of the Bonus poker and has several special features. The strategy behind this game is simpler than most of the games in the genre of bonus poker. This game employs a deck of 52 cards wherein a pair of jacks is present as the lowest rank as a winning hand. The game unlike the Jacks of Better offers the player even money for the hands as frequently as two pairs. The four-of-a-kind combinations will pay out the same number of coins. But, if a player holds four of a kind, he/she will receive 80 times of the total amount that has been betted.

Bonus Deluxe

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Slot Details:

Developers: Amaya
Reels: 4
Paylines: 10
Minimum Bet: 0.10
Maximum Bet: 50.00
Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus Features:

Wild Symbol no
Scatter Symbol no
Multiplier no
Free Spins no
Re-Spins no
Bonus Rounds no

Playing more coins would increase the winning hand’s payouts. The double or nothing feature gives the players the chance to increase the overall winnings. The players can play for up to 4 times in order to quadruple their winnings or lose everything.

How to Play Poker Bonus Deluxe

The players are required to place their bet to start the game. The bet amount can be anywhere between 1 coin to 5 coins. Once the bet has been placed, the player needs to select the deal. To place the maximum bet, the players can choose the Max Bet option or even change the coin denominations used for placing the bets. The speed of the game can be changed too when you choose the option of Game speed.

The double button when clicked activates the feature of double or nothing. The collect button, on the other hand, allows the player to exit the feature of double or nothing and gather their winnings.


The strategy for bonus deluxe is calculated in the same way in which the strategy is calculated for the other poker games. You might want to choose the one with the highest expected return on each imaginable hand. This is represented by a list of all the possible hands ranging from the best to the worst. One needs to start from the top and then go down slowly until you find the one that matches with what’s in front of you. Those would be the cards that you are to keep.

The correct strategy is:

  • Hold in any of the pat hands – full house, 4 of a kind, royal flush or a straight flush.
  • Four to the royal flush
  • Three of a kind
  • Four to the straight flush
  • 2 pairs
  • 1 pair
  • Four to the flush
  • Three to the royal flush
  • 4 to the straight
  • Low pair
  • 3 to the straight flush
  • 2 to the royal flush
  • 3 to the straight
  • 2 to the straight
  • Any of the single high card
  • Get rid of everything and start again

This strategy isn’t perfect, but it is close so that the player can come within 1% of the expected game return.