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Spingo is one of the most popular games in online casinos. The name derived from a combination of the words “spin” and “bingo.” Spingo is similar to roulette, but with elements of bingo. It includes a few moving parts which would be impractical in large casinos. Therefore, the game is mostly played online. However, it’s simple to understand, and probably the best challenge for players rely on their luck.


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Slot Details:

Developers: Amaya
Reels: 4
Paylines: 10
Minimum Bet: 0.10
Maximum Bet: 50.00
Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus Features:

Wild Symbol no
Scatter Symbol no
Multiplier no
Free Spins no
Re-Spins no
Bonus Rounds no

Spingo Rules Basics For Newbies

The goal is to bet on the outcome of a combo of bingo and a spin of the roulette wheel. Spingo uses 21 balls: one numbered zero, and two sets of the digits 1 through 10. The roulette wheel has 25 pockets, 8 of which are colored in yellow, red, and blue, as well as a green one.

At the start of the round, you bet on a table which is almost the same as the classic roulette table. Like in roulette, you have a variety of options of bets, some of which cover more odds than others. Initially, a ball gets drawn from the pool in the hopper. The ball will then spin the wheel.

Total Bets Particular Features

All wins are expressed as "to one" ratios, which means that you keep your original bet when win.  The "combination" wager comprises a particular combination of digits, ranging from 1 to 10, as well as any color other than green.

Pay Table



1 to 5 / 6 to 10








The combo of no. and color


Specific number (1 to 10)








Here is a breakdown of the wagers which you can make.

  •  1-5/6-10: This will win if a number in the correct range is chosen; it pays even money.
  •  Odd/Even: This will win if the correct number comes up; it pays even money.
  •  Green: If the ball lands in the only single pocket, you will win. This bet pays 23: 1.
  •  Zero: This will win if the zero ball is selected; it pays 19: 1.
  •  Color: Choose a colour, which is either blue, red or yellow; it pays 2: 1
  •  Number: Select the number that will come out the hopper, from 1: 10. The payout is 9: 1.
  •  Number/Color Combination: Choose the precise color and number. The payout is 31: 1.

When all wagers are placed, the player can hit spin, which will then trigger play. Initially, a ball comes out of the hopper, exposed. Then the ball is spun. As it lands a well, you see the color.

How to Calculate Spingo Odds?

Spingo is very similar to roulette, which means the odds are similar as well, with a few differences. The exact wagers you make hardly ever affect your odds in roulette, but in Spingo differing wagers offer a variety of house advantages, which is why it is vital to bet correctly. Here are the varying bets as well as the house mastership:

  •  Number/Color Combination: 2.48%
  •  Green: 4.00%
  •  Colors: 4.00%
  •  Numbers: 4.76%
  •  Zero: 4.76%
  •  Even Money Bets: 4.76%

There are a couple of items that stand out. You might notice that most of the wagers are similar. They reveal house benefit from 4.76% to 4%, much higher than you would expect from American Roulette, yet not as great as most table based games. Still, wagering on a solitary color or number combo is quite wise because it offers a high house superiority.

Given this, the best strategy is to go for the high reward by high-risk bets, relying on pure luck. But note that due to the structure of Spingo, you can potentially decrease the house fineness on the majority of the wagers you take, except for green or zero.

If wager, for example, on seven, you can simply take the wager straight up. To decrease the house privilege significantly, wager on all three of the seven results separately. In the same manner, you can cover each of the 10 digits of any color instead of taking the colors wager, as that favors the house.

The technique is simpler to employ if you’re making a wager that is bigger than the minimum. An example will be if you place ten $2 bets all over the reds instead of placing a single $20 bet on red. This cuts the house's qualities and doesn’t require raising your bets.

Special Spingo Strategy

Combination wagers bring you the smallest house excellence of a mere 2.48%, so it would be wise to stick to it. Well, you can wager on multiple combo bets and decrease the house quality even further. An example will be a replacing wagering $6 on the number 5, which would win $45, by betting $2 on each of the blue 5, yellow 5, and red 5, for an overall win of $58 in case any of those land.

TOP 5 Spingo Tips From Experienced Players

Write here the 5 USEFUL and essential tips that could improve or help the user to win or increase the chances of winning.