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Blaise Pascal is the genius behind this fan-favorite casino game. Ever since the 18th century, when Blaise invented a primitive version of Roulette, the game has undergone precise modification to give it a modern touch and make it one of the most popular casino gambles in the 21st century; an interesting revelation from the 18th century when only played by French royalty. The game is centered on bucket loads of myths and legends that seem to have greatly contributed to boosting its popularity. One such mythical story goes that a man - Francois Blanc struck a deal with the devil himself in a bid to get the secrets of the game and allow him to achieve consistent wins.

How to Play Roulette? Basic Rules

Special chips are required to gamble. These come in handy in efforts to avoid arguments between players, especially in a brick-and-mortar casino when there are many punters surrounding a table. The cashier sells to each participant at the table a unique colored chip. This feature allows the punters to mound chips on top of each other’s stakes.

In imitation of real land casinos, betting in online casinos is also shown by colored chips. To facilitate extensive betting limits and player bankrolls, both inside and outside staking areas feature various minimum and maximum wager requirements. Here is the video in which you'll learn how to play online roulette on our website:

In the duration between the end of a wheel spin and when the dealer declares that no more wagers be put in, players are given a window of opportunity to place as well as alter bets. The dealer is then tasked to clear out all the losing wagers and pay out the winning ones, and the cycle continues.

Specific Betting Options

Although the exact format bears variations depending on the location, roulette table games are fitted with an inside betting area as well as an outside one. The inside stake area is for individual ones, and the numbers are organized in 12 rows and three vertical columns.

They cover less area but have larger payouts. The outside betting area, on the other hand, bears various bet boxes which include odd/even, column, red/black stakes, even money, and dozen bets.

The red and black stakes feature eighteen red numbers and eighteen black numbers. Similarly, Odd and Even stakes feature eighteen odd numbers and eighteen even numbers. The “1-18 and 19-36” bet follows the same trend. All these are even wagers simply because winning them doubles the original stake. Less than half of the table is allocated to each of these bets because of the extra 0 and in the case of the American game, 0 and 00. The Dozens stake has three dozen on the table, with each dozen covering less than a third of the wheel, 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

Inside stakes include the Straight Up bet, which is a wager on a single number. The Street Bet stakes on three numbers on the roulette table. The numbers should be a Street, such as 7, 8, 9 or 10, 11, 12 is a Street and so on. The Split Bet is described as a bet on two numbers which should be next to each other on the roulette table and not the wheel.

Crucial Facts

Players are not allowed to change, remove or add stakes after the dealer announces “no more bets” or gives a hand signal to that effect.

No direct body contact is allowed at the table. The player is not even allowed to directly give or receive chips from the dealer. Chips are placed on the table by one party, and the other can pick them up.

Players, as well as dealers, are not allowed to use mobile phones, cameras or other electronic gadgets.

All of the winnings in the same box need to be paid before players can collect their chips and winnings on the outside chances. This not only reduces players’ chances to steal chips but also avoids confusion at the table.

Strategy For Playing Online Roulette

Gambling and betting never get boring. In fact, it becomes more exciting with every spin. You can make about 30 spins in an hour. But please stake wisely; otherwise, you can lose all your money in less than that one hour. Land casinos tend to be more limiting allowing 30 spins only at a full table.

By merely taking into account both simple as well as complex betting options, Roulette accommodates a wide range of players lying within the beginners to expert levels. An all-inclusive variety on the inside and outside stakes give the beginner an easy time to gradually acquire skills on how to bet on the least complex wagers. It would be a smart move to study and review the wide range of wagers before approaching the table with chips…unless you made a deal with the devil too!

Gamble Variations

The game comes dressed in various hats depending on the location where it is being played. In Europe, a 37-pocket version is played with only the single zero pocket. In the United States, the standard wheel features a double zero.

This is an extra slot on the wheel deemed “00.” These are the most popular and widely recognized wheel layouts. However, there exist others such as the California, French, and Vegas Roulette wheel layouts. Here is some information on how to play roulette to win:

Maybe, the most substantial difference between European and American variations is the percentage of the house edge given in each variation: 5.26% house edge for the latter and a 2.7% house edge for the former, which makes it easier to win.

What to Avoid Playing Online Roulette?

No Mathematical formula exists to beat the system. In fact, in the words of Albert Einstein, the only way to succeed is to steal the money when the dealer is not looking.

Avoid placing Even and Odd bets at the same time. It is very common with beginners to raise their stakes, but it has a counter effect since both stakes cancel out. This also goes for Black and Red.

Don’t bet on a single number all the time. There is a common myth that you can bet on the same number severally till it wins. This only works against you draining your pockets rapidly.

Bonuses & Benefits

Online mode offers some thrilling bonuses that you simply can’t miss. Welcome bonuses one such perk. Here, the player is awarded bonus cash or free spins for simply signing up to the casino. There are also deposit bonuses where the player receives a certain percentage of the first deposit they make at the casino. Loyalty bonuses are awarded to players either at random or for achieving a certain number of plays or log-ins at the casino.

It is important to note that bonuses vary greatly from one casino to the other depending on the software provider and go as high as an incredible £1,000. Also, players have to achieve various wagering requirements before cashing out the bonuses. Nonetheless, there are casinos that do not allow cashing out the bonuses awarded. Instead, punters cash out the winnings acquired on the bonuses if they meet the wagering requirements.

Online Roulette Stakes Conditions

Stake tables go as low as 10 pence/cents. High rollers need to hold their breath for this. There are online casinos that allow for as much as £10,000 on even bets at high stake tables. Here, players are required to stake a minimum amount of £4,000.


  • How to play?. Bet on a number on the wheel, spin, and await a 35 to 1 payout if it wins. The odds of landing that number are 37:1 for the American version that has the 0 and 00 slots.
  • Can I trust that the online roulette isn't fixed? Reputable casinos have been licensed and audited and thus have Random Number Generators (RNGs) that govern the spinning of the wheel on a regular basis to make it as random as possible.
  • Can I play on a mobile device? Yes. Several software providers have availed mobile versions of the game that you can either access as an app download or online. In fact, it is possible to play for real money on your mobile phone.

Specific Terms

There’s a very simple language, most of which has been used and explained in this article. Some the phrases include European/American Roulette, payout, house edge, Inside/Outside/Street/Split up bet.