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Red Queen Blackjack

This blackjack consists of multiple hands, giving the player the opportunity to play against the dealer with three hands. Payment is made by 2 to 1 and is done on a card containing the red queen. All the players have high chances of winning against the dealers as the latter always stand on 17. Payment of $3 is made for every $2 that is wagered. The game has all the basic features, which include Double Down, Take Insurance and Split.

Red Queen Blackjack

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Slot Details:

Developers: Amaya
Reels: 4
Paylines: 10
Minimum Bet: 0.10
Maximum Bet: 50.00
Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus Features:

Wild Symbol no
Scatter Symbol no
Multiplier no
Free Spins no
Re-Spins no
Bonus Rounds no

Basics of Playing

The player selects a coin value from 0.01 to 100.00, the minimum bet being 1. The player must wager before dealing with any cards, by placing their bet in a required place on the playing circle, then shuffling is done. The game is played using six decks, each of them containing 52 cards. These cards exclude jokers. A player is considered winner by scoring higher than the dealer. This score should not be anything more than 21.


Each hand during the gameplay carries a unique betting amount. The bet limits are normally between $ 2 and $ 500. Large bets are a better option as compared to multiple smaller wagers as these maximize the chances of making losses. Betting everything at once reduces the effect of the house edge, increasing your chances of winning.

Essential facts

  • Face cards count as 10, ace cards count as 1 or 11 while the other cards count by their face value.
  • If the player and dealer tie, a push is announced and the bet given back.
  • Participants to split once per box and double splitting is allowed.
  • One cannot surrender.

Game Strategy and Winning

The strategy of the game is aimed at reducing the house edge without employing activities like dealer tells, shuffle tracking or card counting. If the game strategy is followed accordingly, it will be possible to decrease the house advantage to about 0.5%. In the long run, the chances of winning will increase.


The game has gained popularity because it is fast and mobile-friendly.


Playing Red Queen blackjack should be a form of entertainment and not for making money.


Is taking insurance always recommended before placing a bet? It is not necessary. All you need is to take chances which in most cases you may earn more.

Does it matter where you sit when playing? The sitting position does not matter, and no position is advantageous over the other.

Which is the best counting system? Simulation makes it easy to monitor the performance of a system in any casino.