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Bowled Over

Play Real

The popularity of cricket in the world has played a major role in the development of the scratch game on the cricket theme. Microgaming has come up with the Bowled over Scratch for the players who are willing to play the scratch card slots. It can be played by wagering an amount of fifty cents to 50 dollars.

The unique cricket based theme of the game has its own excitement and pleasure that you will not get elsewhere and one of the reasons for popularity in the United Kingdom. Like cricket, it has three cross bars that need to be bowled by the player in order to win. Every bowled over card is eligible for the payout in this free to play online.

What Is All There in the Game?

Alike other scratch card games Bowled Over gives the player to win a payout in the two independent sets. The best part is that you need to bet only for once to play. In the start, you have to find the three balls by removing the cover. The other images in the background are of the athletes. The player whose card has the three similar images of the balls wins. It offers excellent payouts in the multiples of the face value of the symbols that ranges from 1X to 10000X.

Know Your Bets

The players can avail the best is the second round which can be up to 100 bets. Along with this, you can also enjoy the cricket where if the ball hits the wicket you are getting the payout. This is again calculated as per the multipliers coming in the lower corner.

Playing for Real Money

The wagering amount is as low as fifty cents to $50 making it a game for all.

Interesting Information

  • How to play? You need to remove the covers from the symbols on the scratch card that can be either done by mouse or by the button placed on the control panel.
  • Where to play? This is a scratch slot can be played on the casinos running on the Microgaming technology. The majority of the casinos offering the card based slots with the Microgaming platform offers this game. 

A Few Tips to Remember While Playing

The best way to play it is to remove the covers one by one and keep a watch on the symbols that flash on the screen.

Additional Info

The six images on the left side of the game console have the images of the athletes, and the game is running on the right upper side where you can see the ball moving towards the wicket. The payout is flashed in the lower right side of the screen.


Q: Is it a free game?
A: It can be played for real money along with the free version.
Q: How much I can stake in a bet?
A: The best is against the payout multiplier.
Q: Are there any jackpots?
A: No, there is no jackpot associated with the games.