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Blackjack Switch

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The feature that differentiates this game from all other variants of blackjack is that in this game, the player gets dealt two hands instead of one. The player can choose to switch the two top cards between the two hands.

This game was patented in 2009 by Geoff Hall, who invented the game after being dealt two weak hands which could have worked in his favor if he was allowed to switch the two top cards.

Basic Rules of Blackjack Switch

This game is played with 6- 8 standard decks of cards just like the classic Blackjack game.

The cards are dealt face up for all players and the dealer and they can then choose to place bets. They can then decide to switch their top cards which is true to the name of the game. If for example, your hands are dealt as a 10-3 and a 6-10, you can choose to switch them to 10-10 and 6-3.

  • Each hand is played separately.
  • The player can choose to hit, stand or double on any of these hands.
  • If the dealer has a value of 22, this is a push against all other values except for a blackjack held by the player.
  • If a player has a value exceeding 21, this counts as a bust.
  • If the dealer holds a blackjack consisting of an ace and a 10-point value card to make a natural 21, all players automatically lose. If the player holds the blackjack, this is a push.
  • The dealer can hit on a soft 17.
  • Double can be done after a split and can be done on any 2 cards.

Side Bet, Super Match

This game has the provision of placing side bets. This is a good choice for any player who is willing to try something new. This side bet is based on the original four cards dealt. The side bet rewards pairs, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs and 4 of a kind.

This side bet pays out 1:1 for a pair, 5:1 for 3 of a kind, 8:1 for two pairs and 40:1 for 4 of a kind.

Winning Odds

The house edge when playing Blackjack switch can go as low as 0.20%. eight decks increase the house edge by about 0.02%. The payout in Blackjack switch is 1:1 on a natural 21, unlike the usual blackjack which is 3:2. This may not be to the player’s advantage but the fact that he can choose to switch his top cards gives him greater odds of winning. The trick is to bet equally on both hands in order to build two strong hands.

Tips to Win

Stand on a hard 17 or a higher value. A hard 12-16 allows you to hit if the dealer has a 7to an Ace.

The experience of playing Blackjack switch is unique and can result in great winnings if the player takes advantage of the switch feature. Play this at online casinos for some real cash.