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Blackjack Scratch

Play Real

The Blackjack is considered as an icon in the casino industry, and there are enormous games built on this theme. This scratch game is built on the Blackjack theme that adds to the excitement of the player with the unique idea of playing scratch card slot. It is powered by the technology platform of Playtech. It can be played for free and if you want to enjoy it with real money you need to register with a Playtech casino.

What Is All There in the Game?

If you have experience of playing the Blackjack, then this is going to be a simple one for you. You may choose the options as per the setting of adding or reducing the card value before playing. The auto play mode is also available for those who want to play rapidly.

How to Play?

On the beginning, three hands of cards will be dealt to the player and the dealer by the dealer. Now your turn starts you have to scratch the cards and look for the dealer’s card. You may even go for the instant show by scratching all your cards. You may win if your hands are higher than that of the dealer.

  • Know your bets. It is designed after the theme of real Blackjack, and the value of the cards is set in between the definite range. The players can bet in the same range. The payouts are flashing on the cards that the players are getting.
  • Playing for real money. You may go to play the real money from as low as ten cents to $10. This makes it a preferred choice for the players.

Interesting Information

While playing it you can easily get the feel that you are playing the real Blackjack. The payouts are coming from the boxes in a random manner that makes the gameplay more interesting.

Other Fun Games

There are various other games that are built on the themes of the card games and combined with the scratch cards concept. This allows the user to win in a rapid manner and the game is finished early. The ease of the rules to play, and the payouts flashing in the symbols gives the pleasure an ultimate experience.

Where to Play?

The Blackjack Scratch is developed by the Playtech technologies and all the casinos running on this technology offer it. A few most popular casinos offering it are EuroGrand, Europa, Tropez, and others.

Available Bonuses

There is no special bonus for this game. The players have to satiate on the payouts only coming in during the gameplay.
The game has the payouts that are flashing while you play, and this may lead you to win millions.

Additional Info

The appearance of the game screen and the dealing methods is quite attractive and give the real pleasure of playing


Q: Do I have to pay to play it?
A: You can do it for free without registration.
Q: Is it different from the Blackjack?
A: It can be considered as a mimic of the real version.
Q: Are there any bonus/jackpots?
A: No there is no bonuses or jackpot associated with the game.