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As you know, Net Entertainment which is renowned for its vibrantly colored and thrilling games has introduced its special version of Baccarat entailing a coterie of special rules. As such, it is known as the Baccarat Professional Series and has a straightforward interface which comprises of the ‘New Bet’ button for wagering, ‘Re-bet’ for repeating wagers and ‘Deal’ for dealing cards.

The Ground Rules

In comparison to the traditional game, this variation comprises a total of 8 standard decks, with each containing 52 cards, which undergo thorough shuffling before each round. As a player, you can only gamble on a single hand, with the wagers varying in a cornucopia of casinos.
Secondly, participants partake in the game against the house, and the primary objective is to make an accurate assumption of the winner which lies between the player and the banker. Nevertheless, a draw is also possible, and thus, it is vital to make the best possible wager.
Thirdly, the values of the playing cards as well as their draws are identical to the rules of the original game. However, the below are the notable differences in the cash outs.

  • The bet on a participant is 2-1.
  • The gamble on the banker is also 2-1, minus the commission fee of 5%.
  • The stake level on a draw is 9-1. 

Lastly, the gameplay of Baccarat is almost as easy as reciting the alphabet. It revolves around pinning down your stake level on either one of the three factors (player, tie, and the banker), after which the croupier deals the cards and makes draws for the corresponding hands (playing by the rules) and pays out the rewards. The game has a substantial payout percentage of 98% which makes it highly lucrative for participants.

Key Strategies in Winning

  • Avoid chasing losses- If you have a set budget of $100 for partaking in this variant, then you ought to stick to that regardless of whether you incur losses or wins.
  • Avoid betting on a tie- It is vital to keep in mind that betting on a tie is quite unprofitable for you. As such, you should only bet on the banker or the player to better your chances. 


  • Does this variant of Baccarat offer bonus rounds? – No, this game does not provide additional wagers, cash rewards or progressive jackpots.
  • Is this variant available in every casino? – While it may not be available in all web-based gaming platforms, players can certainly relish in it in most casinos such as Unibet.