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As you know, Baccarat is a game exuding aristocracy as well as nobility. As such, in the current era, virtually every player across the globe can comfortably afford to partake in the variant. Nevertheless, Microgaming created a unique variant known as High Limit Baccarat which targets the high rollers who relish in the game and as the title depicts it comprises hefty wagers as well as epic rules which we will discuss in depth.

Terms of Engagement

Firstly, it consists of 8 decks, with each stack containing 52 playing cards, which undergo sporadic shuffling before each round. The bets that players can make run the gamut from a minimum of $10 to a hefty $500.

Secondly, you can only place a bet on three possible outcomes, namely the player, the banker and a tie. As a participant, you have the freedom of dealing two hands in this variation; that of the Player and the Croupier.

Thirdly, each side makes up two poker cards, and the highest possible hand is a total of 9. Thus, upon placing your stake level on either the Banker (on the right-hand side) or Player (on the left-hand side), essentially, you are placing a bet that the one you pin down will come closer to a 9. It is upon dealing these two poker cards that the fundamental principles of the game will determine whether or not there will be the third card. Once the third card promptly comes into the picture, you will automatically know whether you have incurred a loss or walked away with a win.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that totals in the form of double digits such as 15, 13 or 11 are non-existent. Instead, they are the second figure in each instance (5, 3 and 1 in this case) makes up the total. Furthermore, Queens, Tens, Kings, and Jacks have a value of zero, whereas all Aces have a value of 1. The cash outs in this variation of Baccarat, are as follows:

  • Banker 1-1 with a commission cost of 5%
  • Tie 8-1
  • Player 1-1


  • Does High Limit Baccarat offer bonus cash outs? – Yes, there are additional payouts in this Baccarat variation.
  • Does this variant offer progressive jackpots? – No, the game does not provide progressive jackpots, unfortunately.
  • Where can gamblers relish in this variant? – High Limit Baccarat is available in a copiousness of web-based gaming platforms across the globe which uses Microgaming software.